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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


For those of you who don't know
Right now Neal and I (and mini me, of course)
Are in
Neal's good friend (who has also become my good friend)
announced his marriage to the lovely Kristi
We are attending their sealing in the Manti Temple this Saturday.
Instead of forcing Mckenzi to do the 10ish hour drive all in one shot
We decided to break it up.
Vegas it is.
So, THIS is allllll I cared about doing in Vegas.
We made sure to get a room with a whirlpool tub.
But DIDN'T consider
That housekeeping most likely DOES NOT disinfect and sanitize their jets.
I am HUGE on sanitizing and disinfecting
Considering it was DRILLED into me in beauty school.
I know about ALL the gnarly bacteria floating around out there.
Especially the kind that comes from bodies.
And loves to live in dark, wet places (like whirlpool jets!)
Naturally, I couldn't just trust that housekeeping did the job right.
If at all.
So I ran the jets, just to check out the situation.
What could I do? I decided to run the water super hot
And run the jets over and over.
Over and over.
After quite a few tries with fresh water, it just wasn't coming clean.
I need disinfectant!
Neal came to my rescue (insert snickers here)
He found the handy dandy complimentary shampoo bottle
Squeezed the whooooole thing in the tub, and ran the jets.
Here is the result:

Luckily I caught it on time, before disaster struck!

Please note: The tub had barely any water in it. It was mostly bubbles.

The jets were mass producing BUBBLES BUBBLES BUBBLES!

My sweet hubby.

What a helper.

(FYI, I called housekeeping. A lovely lady named Gina came and scrubbed those jets, and ran them with disinfectant until they were sparkly clean. And then, of course, I dirtied them. Mmmmmm baaaaths.)

Hooray for "vacation".


threeboogers said...

What a nice hubby!!
I heart baths. Enjoy them. and have a great trip.

Adam and Heather Sargeant said...

This is so typical you and neal and very hilarious. do you remember when i did just about the same thing to the dishwasher at home? ha ha and i mildewed all the carpets in the house? good times. i am glad one of us gets to enjoy bath time. when i try and take a bath in my aprtment size, non name brand bathtub. adam calls it the the three islands! ha ha ha, it is so small, well now it is just the two islands because i have no belly anymore ha ha ha.