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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's all because of Facebook!

Just wrote a huge post, wanted to move it above my pictures so I copied it. Deleted it.
Went to paste it.
So NO post for you people.
Sad day!
Fine, mini post ensues NOW:
What is all because of FB, you ask? My blogging haiatus!
I constantly update facebook with the happenings in our lives
and with an abundance of photos.
We're talkin daily.
And why?
It just eventually disappears into cyber oblivion.
I will make a better effort to blog before I fb!
4th of July
Neal finally had a holiday off.
They called him in mandatorily AGAIN.
Two years in a row.
Mckenzi doesn't like fireworks in the dark.
She likes them outside of the park, in the lights.
She's a handful, and hard to take anywhere when I don't have Neals help.
But it was a fun day anyway!
Spent with the fam at church and then Valley View for fireworks, food, and games.

Working out/Eating right

I started myself on a (minimum) 31 day challenge

I've lost 3.6 lbs in 7 days

Feel free to follow the chub loss process on my other blog

OC Fair
Way better than last year (when I was 8 months pregnant)
We went on a cool night, which is the way to do it!
Ate tons of food! And I was careful only to have tastes! No weight gained :)
Neal's annual "healthy" treat": Corn on the cob DIPPED in a vat of butter! I did not taste this.

Twice during the night we stopped for .25 cent foot massage. Well worth it!
Mckenzi's favorite part of the night was the 20 degree ice house!

We do like eachother still:
These Aussie potatoes were stellar. If I had to describe them, they're very similar to the crispiness of fish and chips. But it's just fried battered potatoe. Thin potato. But not so thin that its like it chip, it's still soft inside. And smothered in ranch and cheese. I'm hungry.

Got muh ring polished up for $1.

Neal bought me this wind chime. It glows in the dark. It's dank:

Kenzi isn't sure about being seen with us:

Grandma is the ONLY one who tried the sushi. Weirdo. You don't go to the fair for RAW FISH:

Neal LOOOOOOVES his annual bratwurst:

Mmmmm tri tip sandwich:

Neal's all time FAVORITE thing to get at the fair: GYROS! Dad has his turkey leg:

Neal's girls:

Okay, that's all I'm giving ya! It's late. I'm out.


Jessica said...

Next time try undo (ctrl+z) (or however that works on a mac). That might bring back what you deleted.

Shelley said...

I'm so glad you finally updated your blog! ;-) Looks like a ton of fun at the fair! I was just asking Michael about it because I hadn't heard anything about the fair this year I didn't even know it was happening! Anyway, you look great! Good job on the weight loss! Makes me feel guilty for cramming down two Mrs. Fields cookies today while I sat at my desk. Blogging. Haha!