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Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Holmes #2

Mckenzi has decided that it's high time she had a little brother or sister. So, we're obliged to offer her one!

This pregnancy has been hard, but in different ways. I will say, it's NOTHING like the first. With zero exaggeration at all, I was near death with my first pregnancy! Or so it felt. The frequent trips to the hospital made me believe the doctors had their concerns too!

This time around I have the intense nausea, but it's coupled with unrelenting starvation. It's ridiculous. It seems I can't do much to calm the storm for long. With the nausea, it's very very difficult to choke anything down. But, as I make myself do it, I do feel somewhat better. Smells don't kill me like they once did. I mean, don't get me wrong - almost everything smells unpleasent and makes my stomach churn. The upside is, I'm not running for the nearest toilet.

I think I'm having a boy. Always hungry, always tired, nothing like with Mckenzi. We'll see!


Emily said...

Congratulations!!! That's so exciting-how far along are you? It is so weird to eat when you feel like you could throw up-totally unnatural. I hope you start feeling better and better!

Emily said...

Weeeeee!!! Congrats! Another preggo lady to stalk! : )

The.Marcellus.Family said...

:) Glad its finally out there:)

Also, Good heavens Kenzi's hair is looooooong and super thick. She is so cute.

I'm super happy for you and I can't wait to hear what your having.

Emily Goot said...

YAY! Congrats! I am looking forward to you blogging about all things pregnancy! Which is my code way of saying "blog more". lol. I will be so excited to see you when we come down to cali. I hope that you will be feeling good. But anywho! I am excited for you, and neal, and miss mckenzi :)

Erin said...

congrats! when are you due? hope it gets better soon!

shira said...

congrats! do you know when ur due date is? glad ur not feeling as sick as last time!!!

Danae Curtis said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Having two kids can be a lot of work, but it is also sooo much fun. Hope you're feeling better soon!