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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Photography bid'niss

Heeeey. So, some changes in the business! My partner decided to go and do her own thing. So hey, to each his own! Excited for the upcoming changes. First off, I'm in the process of changing my company name. I hate to change it once I've actually started making a name for myself...but alas, I love the new name. I'll consider sharing it soon. Maybe after I've got a new logo? Yes. I think so! What I love most, is that now it can all be focused on me. I mean, I made most of the decisions on my own already, but it'll be refreshing to only have to consult with myself in the future. Not only that, but it'll be nice to have clarification on which work I actually do myself, and not someone else. I'm super excited about some upcoming shoots...which include engagements, bridals, and the spectacular WEDDING DAY of a couple that many of you know and love! Exciting times ahead... :)

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