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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blogging is time consuming!

I have become a non-blogging nightmare! I remember back in like 2007 when I would seriously blog up to 4 times a day. Can we say obsessed? Certainly. But let's be real. I was married, I'd graduated from my program and wasn't even working much (let's face it. I liked being a stay-at-home-wife hahaha), and I had all the time in the world. So I blogged about every single significant feeling and every single insignificant feeling. Lol. I apologize on behalf of my younger self. And today, I apologize for my total lack of bloggotry too.

Let's be real. I'm busy working on a total body/mind transformation. I've been a fat mess (yes, I'm talking literally and not) for ohhhhhhh 3.75 years now. It pretty much started when I got pregnant with Mckenzi, and I
just never bounced back. After Mckenzi, I was so overwhelmed by her GIANT and ever-so-high-maintainance personality that it was all I could do to take care of her and maintain any sanity at the same time. I finally got to the point where I could focus on getting healthy, taking care of the house and husband, going to church more regularly, etc right around when I stopped nursing Kenzi (she was 13 months). I hit it hard and lost some good weight, started having some great milestones, and then BAM when Kenzi was 15 months old i got knocked up with kid 2. Insert 9 months of laziness, 50-60lb of weight gain, and one cute little man later, and you have me at the end of that pregnancy. My one goal with Diesel was to not way more than Neal. Alleluia, I never passed him on the scale! Sure came close though. I swear that during 35 hours of labor/pitocin/iv drip/epidural I got so full of fluids and swelled up so bad I probably weighed the same as a really fat man, but let's just be grateful that they don't weigh you when you're in labor. :)

Fast forward to a month or so after Diesel, and I was back to "normal." Normal being the weight I was gonna be after all the fluids and baby gunk made its exit, etc. I weighed about 5-8 lb more than I did after having Mckenzi.

So that was almost a year ago. For the last year I've yo-yo'd up and down every couple of weeks. Committed, not committed. You name it. Ive stayed
within that same 5-8lb. Ridiculous.

So for some reason, 6 weeks ago it happened. It finally clicked. I committed, and I'm STILL committed. And we are talking AWESOMELY committed. Change of diet (major), and I work out like a maniac. Like, for realsies work out. Not go to the gym and walk on a treadmill while I watch reality tv on my iPhone (ok so I still do that sometimes). We are talking high intensity interval training. I try and maintain a regimen of 1 hour a day minimum. I think I'm doing awesome. The hard part of doing it this way is that I'm building muscle as quickly as I'm losing fat, so the scale hasn't shifted nearly as much as it would have in the past if I'd merely just changed my diet and walked here and there. But, in 6 weeks I've lost over 21 inches, I fit in my clothes and it doesn't look like I'm trying to squeeze into my little sisters wardrobe, and that's what matters. I'm on my way! And I'm not giving up. There's like no question about it.

I take progress photos every Saturday in my sports bra and underwear, and I'm so glad I've been good about that. I still have a ways to go before I'm happy with how I look nekkid, but heck. The change is inspiring me. If you'd like to see my nasty chubby girl pics, I'm happy to update u via private text. If I know you and we are tight. Otherwise, just don't even bother asking. That would just be creepy and weird.

So that's me! I can't wait to post my before and after pics on here next summer after a year. I imagine by then I will certainly have reached my goal. What's my goal? Healthy! Not chubby! That should technically put me anywhere from being 30-60 pounds lighter, depending on how hardcore I decide to go with the muscle building.

Ok! There's a blog for you!


Jessica said...

Yes!!!!! It's weird, but I feel like lots of people I know are hitting this point right now- I have within the last few months too- why did I ever not work out? It feels so much better to get out and do stuff! You should probably post progress pics now, because I'm pretty sure I can't wait until next summer. THAT'S A YEAR AWAY, WENDY. But also, I'm so proud of you! You are a true inspiration!

The.Marcellus.Family said...

Im proud of my bestie!