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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Impatient and lacking faith

How silly am I? I am the worst when it comes to being patient and faithful. I am waiting and waiting for answers to prayers, among other
things, and I'm having a hard time maintaining a righteous perspective. Smite me now! When I went to the temple last week with my dear sweet baby sister (I use the term "baby" ever so loosely, as she is 21 years old!) it was all so clear. Life is ALWAYS crystal clear, when I'm there. It's hard getting there, very very hard, especially since it requires such a chunk of time that Mckenzi doesn't easily share. But I relished those few hours of simple, lovely clarity. And oh, how I miss them! Here's to hoping for some patience, with a little peace in there somewhere, too. I have everything a lady could ask for. Stop whining! Be patient! Pray for gratitude! Press forward in your faith, Wendy! (it helps when I yell at myself in third person)

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The.Marcellus.Family said...

Everything will work out the way god intends it too. Either way, you will be happy.Being patient is alot easier said then done, you of all people can do it tho. Keep your head up and knees busy. It WILL work out the way god wants it too. May not seem right at the time. But eventually you will think you couldn't of lived it any other way.
Love you Wendy!