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Sunday, October 31, 2010


When I think about having another baby, nothing scares me more than the thought of having something hurt that little baby. Something that can be so easily avoided. I wish more people appreciated the innocence and helplessness of infants. Please get vaccinated. All I know, is that before my next one comes, if you plan to spend time around my family, you'd better have your pertussis vaccination. I don't plan to be "nice" this time, in order to not hurt anyones feelings. I'd rather keep my kids alive.


Emily said...

Kevin had some crazy whooping cough he picked up in China that lasted 3 months. It sucked. He couldn't sleep and could hardly work. Fortunately, it was before Josie was born when I was in Florida and he was in Indiana. So yeah, if it was that bad for him, I cant even imagine for a baby. I may be a hippie, but I do vaccinate : )

Jessica said...

Have you seen this Pertussis commercial- ?

The quality on this (the only one online I could find) is poor, but this commercial TERRIFIES me every time I see it. It's so extreme- but I guess if it makes more people aware of the problem, then that's a good thing, my chill-bumps aside.