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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Things to be grateful for.

Focusing on the things that BRING joy and and happiness is good for everyone, particularly me. Here are the things I am genuinely happy about right now:

1. Mckenzi is a jewel. She's animated, always excited, always kissy, always lovey, and always up to something. My mom always prayed I'd get a kid just like me, so that I'd get what I gave her. The difference is, I'm nothing like my mom, so she doesn't always get it. Mckenzi is JUST like me, so I understand her thought processes...and share them with her. I am my daughter's BIGGEST fan, and we have a ball together.

2. I'm thankful for Mckenzi's health. Every additional day I have with her is a blessed day. Too often, families are struck by tragedies. Accidents, deaths, kidnappings, whatever. I am grateful for every single day that we get through together, with each other, happy and whole.

3. My husband's health and safety. Though we live in Yorba Linda, crazy people live everywhere. The news is becoming more and more filled with the new evils of our times. I can't believe I'm still caught by surprise these days, when certain crimes are committed so closely to home. Many hate crimes on officers of the law. I am thankful for every day my husband comes home to us, safely.

4. I'm grateful and relieved that (so far) the little boy in my belly is growing rapidly, and without cause for concern. I'm not sure why it surprises me every time I hear good news about how the baby is "perfect". Either way, I'm glad that my fears and concerns aren't being turned into trials and life lessons. At least not yet. :)

5. So happy that Mckenzi is old enough for nursery now! She loved her first week, and I didn't even need to stay. But I did. It was harder for me than it was for her! I stayed mostly to see how she did with lesson time and the more organized parts of the day. She did lovely. She's my social little butterly (like her sweet father) and loves everyone. Others are still getting used to just how much she loves them. I appreciate that she's never agressive, never mean, and always friendly and sweet.

6. Since Mckenzi is old enough for nursery, I can go to church! Not having a husband to go to church with has it's obvious downsides, but the challenges are endless. Week after week (once Mckenzi started walking at 12 months), I found myself in the halls chasing after her, or outside letting her do her own thing. She didn't do well in my adult classes anymore, and made sure to vocalize her feelings if she wasn't happy with what we were doing. It became silly. Sacrificing her nap time, and dealing with a monstor ALL DAY as a result, became not worth it. I wasn't leaving enriched. I was leaving exhausted and overwhelmed. So, church became a non-option for a time. Especially as I became so sick with pregnancy two. But, now I can at least live through the nausea, and I have help with Mckenzi from nursery, so I can go to church again! Halleluia. My spirit wants to be fed more.

7. Grateful for financial stability. Living in Orange County has MAJOR challenges, especially when owning a home, having only one income, and raising children. Luxuries that we once had in abundance are no more. :) But, we have warm beds, plenty of food, plenty of love, and plenty of THINGS we love too. We can afford luxuries for our little lady, and that means everything to us. Sometimes we buy her things, and look at eachother and say, "why didn't we ever get these things? They're so cheap!" And then we realized that buying everything one child once is much more doable than buying everything 6 children want. And, we are very blessed that Neal's job is so wonderful. We look forward to the raise he gets every 6 months, and the raise that comes with every promotion. Though he works long, hard hours, he (we) are very well taken care of.

I would write more, but I have to go to the bathroom SO bad, and I know I won't finish this later. I'm grateful!

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Julie said...

Soooo understand the church struggles! I can't even imagine doing it alone! Wow! Yay for nursery (we have 2 more months). Thanks for sharing your blessings!