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Monday, August 15, 2011

14 days

Like the title says, there's just 14 more days til my expected due date. Which is generally a bunch of molarky. At my 36 and 37 week check ups, I was the same. Just barely dilated, not effaced at all. Tomorrow afternoon is the 38 week check up. We'll see if I've made anymore progress. I'd say highly unlikely, if it's anything like my first pregnancy. I stayed a finger tip dilated all the way up until my induction. I'm hoping for sooooome progress, considering I need to go into labor naturally, and I don't know how long my OB will feel comfortable letting me go passed my due date. We haven't had that discussion yet, and I'm prepared to "fight" for my body to do it's own thing....I would just rather not have to. My mom was never overdue. Like that means anything. Here's to hoping! So, for my own records, here is how I'm feeling: Huge. Getting up from a laying position is next to impossible. I sort of have to roll over and try and catch myself on my feet as I land. Baby is still moving quite a bit, which surprises me since he is so obviously large. His bum switches from my left ribs to my right ribs, which also surprises me, since you'd think it'd be pretty hard to do such a maneuver at this stage in the game. I constantly have acid indigestion, and nothing helps it go away. I've had "soft stool" for over a month now, which is laaaaaaame. And I'm constantly throbbing. Hips, knees, ankles, lower back, ribs, you name it. It throbs. Kenzi is noticing that things are about to change, because she is VERY cuddly and clingy lately. It's cute, but I also worry for her. That said, she is a CHAMPION little friend to all. I have a feeling she'll love this little baby as much as she loves everyone elses little babies. One of her very owN! Lets hope I'm right!

K i'm tired. Nap time. Post cut short.

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Amanda J said...

You need a massage and an Epsom salt bath. It will take away most of your aches and pains!