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Monday, August 8, 2011

Time for an update?

Hi all. Not much is going on the Holmes house.We've got 21 days left. Well, approximately. The current average for a mom going into spontaneous labor is 38 weeks. Really? Why do I hear all about 40+ weeks, when I mom chooses to not be induced or schedule a csection? Oh the joys of the last weeks of pregnancy. Consumed by the, "oh, that felt like maybe a real cntrx." Or the, "hmmm...I wonder if I'll be anymore dilated at the next app." Or checkin the tp (tmi, I know), to see if there are any "signs" from below. Joy, joy, joy. I'm definitely grateful that I haven't been totally and utterly consumed this whole pregnancy, BY the pregnancy, like the first time around. But heck. Lets be real. The last month, it's all I can think about. The END. Especially considering the unknowns of my "situation". Which we're all familiar with. Vbac, vbac, vbac. Oye. I can't wait til I know my own fate, whatever it is. I just want everyone to be okay.

Mckenzi will be 2 in a month. Her birthday party is this friday. I'll be doing an "easy" party, if there's such a thing. Pretty much just spending money so that I don't have to do much work. Lets be real. I'll be nearing the last days, and I just can't handle much responsibility beyonod instructing others on what to do. So I've been searching high and low for a giant yo gabba gabba bounce house, hopefully with a big slide, a cotton candy machine, a sno cone machine, and a caterer. I use the term "caterer" ever so loosely. I'm talking like Dw's subs or somethin. Chips. Soda. You know, basics. The cotton candy/sno cone machines run around $25 to rent, and I'm hoping to get the bounce house combo for a steal too. Anyway, if I can keep a low budget, I'm thinking I'll have one of Jaime's friends do face painting. Ohhhhh who knows. She's only 2, after all. But most of the kids are older. I just want the kids to have fun. Excited that my friend Shannon is doing the cake, too! Should be super cute!

In other AWESOME news, my lovely sister Jaime got her mission call. She's going to Toronot, Canada. In the next week or two, she be going to the temple for the first time. I really, really hope that I'm not having a baby at the same time. :( Yay for Jaime! She'll be a GREAT missionary.

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Amanda J said...

I think people just like to scare pregnant women. I've heard all the horror stories a million times over since people seem to think you need to hear it with every pregnancy. I wouldn't be surprised if you did go earlier than your due date. Most women have a much easier time with the second than the first, I did. I had my first right on the due date and my 2nd baby 2 weeks early. We'll see if the 3rd is nice to me and comes early, too. I know how you feel, I wish this baby would come out of me soon!! Ha ha, got to love the last month!