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Thursday, March 29, 2012

It has just been far too long since I've posted. My last blog was my labor story?! Come on. I have to do better than that, since this is what I plan on using as my journal for the good ol' posterity. I haven't done it yet, and I think it will likely be a huge job when the day comes. But alas, we will get around to printing up the last 5 years of blogging, and hopefully it'll be easier to keep up with the printing maybe once a year after that.

We've been sick for about a month now. Many of you saw my totes "inappropriate" post on fb pretty much bitchin' out the nursery moms that bring their sick kids to church and infect the rest of us. Without getting into that again, long story short, Mckenzi got majorly sick with a hacking cough, congestion/runny nose/nasal drip, fever, you name it. Obviously Diesel got it too. Only, he couldn't clear out his chest like Mckenzi with the hacking cough, so he developed bronchiolitis. Long story short, we had that for 2 weeks, the day after that cleared up, Mckenzi got the stomach flu from another little girl her age (that's another story), had it for an entire week, gave it to me, then Daddy, then Diesel. While Diesel had it, Mckenzi started hacking again, then Diesel started back up with the coughing and congestion WHILE he had the flu. 3 weeks in Daddy is healthy, Mckenzi has a TERRIBLE cough and runny nose, Diesel just got over the flu but has really goopy congestion in his nose and mouth and a mild cough, and I'm sick as a dog. I could barely move yesterday. I had major chills and shakes, a high fever WHILE medicated, and a really strange cough. My chest feels really tight, like I can't break up what's in there. It's bizarre. It was a sad day yesterday. Both of kids cried A LOT. Mckenzi didn't get fed anything other than a bag of apple jacks and a can of pringles. All day she asked for food. Both the kids sat in explosions of poop for a while until my fever came down to 102. I couldn't function. At one point I called Neal while ABSOLUTELY SOBBING, telling him he needed to come home. He had told me earlier that morning that he couldn't stay home. I told him he needed to make it happen. The kids needed to be taken care of, and I was a shaking, blubbering slug under 3 blankets. My sweet sister Jaime offered to come help around 2pm, and she came bearing gifts of gatorade, vitamin c, and food for my starving child. Not long after she arrived, Neal showed up. He managed to get off. I'm sure that had something to do with text after text filled with strings of profanity from me. What's a girl gotta do? (I later apologized for cussing him out all morning). I PRAY that Diesel does not get what I have. I'm sure he hasn't had this yet. I think Mckenzi might have what I have, and I just didn't know that it was so bad. We did take the kids to the doctor again a few days ago to make sure we didn't need antibiotics or anything, and the d-bag doctor (our ped was closed, so we had to go to a walkin grown up doc) said that Diesels fever and congestion was from teething (there's no way a baby has a 101 fever WHILE ON TYLENOL for three days straight because of teething. sorry you stupid idiot.) When I am better, I'll be taking both kids back in.

There's a lot of verbal agression in this post. Lol. March has literally been a month of hell for our family. Lots of mandatory o/t, coupled with extra training that Neal signed up for months ago that he has to do, has left me alone most of the month without help, with two sick kids, with a Daddy that won't take a day off without 2 weeks notice unless I practically threaten to lock him out of the house for a week (don't worry, I've never threatened anything like that, lol).

I am second shooting a wedding tomorrow night. Pray for me that I'll be healthy enough to get through it pain free! I've really been looking forward to it.

March is almost over. We are really looking forward to April. Mega big time. Did I mention how stoked I am about our tax return this year? Two kids, starting a business = awesome for returns.

Also, I feel like I have to explain the backdrop. It's a housewife that is supposed to be saying "I'm not afraid of YOU! I have kids!"....but the text doesn't show up. Which is irritating, but I just don't have the time or desire to fix it. And the crazy scary lady is sorta funny, because she totally explains how I feel these days. Lol. My poor family. And since when did I start saying "lol" so much? I'm annoying.

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Jessica said...

Lol. Wendy I love you and I hope you start feeling better fast! Your poor little family! And poor you!

I can't say that I wouldn't react in the exact same way as you (probably worse because I'm a baby).