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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Diesel Man.

My baby is 7 months old! Well, technically he's 7 months and 2 weeks today, but who's counting? Ok. Meeeeee. I'm counting. He's no longer a silent, observant little infant that smiles at anyone and everyone who offers the slightest glance his way. He is a little man! Instead of soft, gentle coos, he now grooooowls and squaks like a terrydactal (sp), and it's SOOOOO boy! He does it with a smile on his face, too. He's covered in rolls, though he's not as fat as Mckenzi was. She's got him beat at every milestone weigh in. Blows our minds, cuz Dman is pretty chub loaded himself! He still has the sweeeeetest disposition, and is our "easy" baby. He's happy as long as he doesn't get bored, and as long as we let him have his beloved naps and mama's milk. He'll sit in the stroller for hours, be quiet on our car rides, lets us baby-wear...falls asleep in all of those places, too. Mckenzi never let us do any of that. HATED the stroller. HATED her ergo. HATED car rides. Oh, how funny. She still does. She's the one giving us hell still to this day, while D just stares at her puzzled...and laughs at her from time to time. No joke. He thinks her tantrums are a total riot. I wish we felt the same way!

So, here's some interesting tidbits about little man:

*Weighs 23 lb
*HATES food. Serious light weight. Not even kidding you, the child even gags himself on a SINGLE GRAIN OF RICE. He refuses to swallow. He won't eat baby food either. The only thing we've gotten him to go back for for seconds is watermelon. But only to suck on. He refuses to mash it in his mouth and swallow. He sucks on a large piece like a bottle, until it withers away. I do not like that he does not like food. Mckenzi didn't like it either, until around 10 or 11 months. 
* Stopped sleeping through the night at 3 months. He now wakes after 4-5 hours, then after 2-3 hours, then 1-2 hours. Sometimes he only wakes up twice. Sometimes he wakes up 4 times. Honestly, I hate it. But I also hate it when people tell me I need to just let him cry it out and he'll be fine. Suck it, seriously. He's my kid, and I know what he's telling me based on his cries. He's so easy to put down, sleeps great, and when he wakes up, he goes back down easily too. He's only a wee one for a little while longer. Sleeping through the night can come later. For now, I'll let him nurse to his heart's content...well not really. I just nurse him for a few minutes and then lay him back down.
* Started crawling at 6 months. The kid is seriously the fastest, funniest crawler I've ever seen. Major army crawler. Like, you know those army guys that are so buff, that when they army crawl their arms look really huge and funny? Well that's my kid. He's fast, and it's hilarious. He's huge. 
* Stands himself up on things. These little milestones make me a little sad - he's too young!
* Has one tooth.
* Started saying "Dadda" about a week ago. Even repeats it when we ask him too. And he gets a KICK out of saying what we ask him to! Laughs and laughs and laughs. Loves the sweet attention.
*So smiley and so happy. 

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