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Friday, May 20, 2011

Hellllloooo people.

I love that I write my blogs as if I still maintain a fairly significant audience. As blog stats show, I still get a decent amount of foot traffic, but apparently all the past commentators no longer have comment priveleges on my blog. Sucks for those losers. Still, it's nice having my blog as a record. I can't tell you how many times I've pulled out my old blogs to see exactly how I was feeling when I was this far along with my last pregnancy. PS, this pregnancy continues to be night and day different from my first. And I think it's because God knows that I needed a fairly "normal" pregnancy this time around for us to even CONSIDER more children. Which, now we will. :) We will likely not be stopping at 2 kids. Like I said every day of the first few months of this pregnancy. :)

So peeps, I'm there. 100 more days (as of tomorrow) until I pop this kid out. I had a pretty stellar dream this week. I woke up super relaxed, and ever so grateful for it's content, too. Generally speaking, my dreams are crazy weird and I wake up with killer anxiety, especially when the dreams are pregnancy related, in any way. But for this dream, I was in a tiny hospital room...sorta the size of a regular doctor's office. I had a hospital gown on and the whole 9 yards. I was just layin on the bed, and then I felt like it was time to have my baby. So I got off the bed, and at the foot of the bed I squatted, gave a good solid push, looked down per my docs instructions, saw and felt my kids head, and then pushed one more time (not hard at all), and the little guy just sorta glided right out. If only, right? My doctor stood up and showed him to us. I thought it was funny that he looked like a 2 month old, not a tiny newborn. So I stood up, walked around the bed, got back in it, and was like, "wow, VBAC's are nothing. What the heck is all the hype about?". If only, right? If only. Hahaha.

Tomorrow is my Tonya Joy photography workshop. I'm stoked about that, for sure. I had two shoots this week already, and haven't had much time for editing yet, what with cramming in a bunch of finishing touches on getting the house done. We're allllllmost ready to list. And for those of you wondering if we're moving, the hope is yes. We're ready to spread our wings. We are certainly comfortable in our small condo, but Mckenzi is such a busy body, we just need more space for her to play. Our tiny (and ever so disgusting) patio is just a schmorgesborg of germs and nastiness, and not fun in the slightest. But she seems to love it, which I hate. She opens and unlocks every door and slider we have, so keeping her inside has become quite the chore and challenge. It sure was a fun one, when I was sitting in our living room and she was supposedly napping in her room, and I looked up to see her running towards me. She hopped the crib, opened her (once closed) door, and decided to come out and play. Sheeeeesh. After much deliberation on the whole whether to do a toddler bed or get a crib tent, we ended up doing neither. We've hooked the video monitor back up, and watch her. If she starts to climb, we ask her to lay back down. It always works, as long as she's tired enough and I haven't jumped the gun on putting her to sleep to soon. I will say though, it sucks that I can't continue to sleep in in the mornings. She usually calls to me when she wakes up and is ready to get out of bed, and I usually let her play in her crib for about 30 minutes while I wake myself up too. Can't do that anymore. I suppose some think it's not a big deal to let her get herself out of her crib, but the idea of her falling wrong and getting really hurt just scares me to death. That, and I don't want her to get used to the freedom of climbing out at her will. I'd like to nip that in the bud, for sure. Good times. She's 20 months, and I"m just not ready for the switch yet.

Anyway, off i go to get some editing done. Tootles.


Shelley said...

I'm so glad you are having an easier pregnancy this time around!!

I can't really give any advice for what to do with Kenzi since I've yet to have a situation like that. Sorry!

Emily said...

Actually, that dream sounds very realistic. I would not be shocked at all if it happened just like that. Second babies are usually much faster!
Good call on the crib fiasco. I waited till Josie was over 2 to let her be out of a crib. I'm pretty lazy.